Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JaPanhead's Tank - Finally!!!

Back to our schedule of posting about once a month....

Here is the final piece to the entire JaPanhead project - the tank.

Dennis decided he liked the look of this Cole Foster tank at the beginning, but if you look at the early posts on the bike you can see that we modified it quite a bit. The petcocks were removed, the mounting was converted to jap style, and we welded a panel in the front to narrow the opening of the tunnel.

We decided to go a bit overboard with the finishing, so we ground down and reshaped the tank a bit with a combination of body solder and metal fillers, powder coated it, and then painted it. The top of the tank got a coat of Dupont chromabase in black, then cleared and sanded. Next, Dennis spent a good deal of time laying out the striping. Afterwards we shot the white, then more clear - followed by a several stage hand sand and polish.

The last bit was the hand pinstriping done by Pinstripe Chris is blue.

It really turned out great! If you have a chance to swing by the shop, come and take a look!


  1. tank tunnel length on my 454 is about 15" 1/4". In the absence of an OEM Kaw 2.9 gallon tank, what about 822c, 4.2 gallons, 15 1/4" tunnel length for $205 at this url:


    left side 22mm petcock available, and I'd be happy with a shaker can BRG paint job to replace my rusted out OEM stuff. It would give more capacity, hence more cruising distance and should fit, even if there was a little custom bracketing to get it to stay put.

    Working on the OEM carb kit as discussed but really want an absolutely new tank as opposed to a less rusty used 2.9 gallon OEM Kaw tank...