Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shaggy's New Project

Well, I guess I had to copy Pat. He has all of the good ideas...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1969 Triumph T100C Restoration Finished!

We are really proud of this one! This one owner bike now has a new lease on life with completion of this partial restoration.

Although we offer restoration services for all vintage motorcycles (Japanese, American, European), Triumph motorcycles are one of our specialties. The paintwork on this bike is done in the correct Triumph colors in modern basecoat/clearcoat, with hand painted pinstripes on top, just like the factory did them.

In addition to the cosmetic upgrades, we performed an in-depth service of this vintage bike. A complete new top end, with new valves, valve guides, springs, piston rings, carb rebuild, etc. was done on the bike, making it run like new. New wiring, and a full check on the electrical system was implemented. We rebuilt the entire front end, with new bushings, springs, seals. We relaced the wheels with new spokes and rims, new tires and tubes. We also powder coated many of the black parts of the bike, which is a service that we provide in-house here at Crossroads Cycle!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pat's New Project

As of yesterday, Pat has a brand-new project to work on. This time it's a girl!

...I guess no welding for a while

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bryan is Crazy

So it's 27 degrees outside, and Bryan rode his sportster to work today...

You are looking at the man, his bike, and his winter gear:

so, you know it is going to be a long ride home...

20.5 miles...

down 95 south....

at night....

1969 T100C - Take 2

I finally got around to getting some paint on the tank, so we are starting to get this one knocked out. More pics soon, once we get all the final bits finished...

Getting the knee pads secured:

RC swiped the camera, so here we get a rare shot of me while we are working on
getting the decals on the bike:

Panhead Progress

Friday night has rolled around again, and it's time for Dennis to get back to his personal Pan project. Moved the bottom end into the main room for continued assembly, and decided to go a different direction with the top end - picked up a set of nice '63-'65 outside oiler heads from Pat:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The one that got away

This one sat in the back window of shop for years, until I told a friend of mine in Massachusetts about it. Pat wishes this one was still around so he could get it...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day

The weathermen lied as usual - we were supposed to get rain/light snow that wouldn't stick.

Made for a lazy Saturday around the shop:

The bossman contemplates his '53 Panhead build:

We took advantage of the lack of customers to get to some of the backlog. Bryan pulled an old liner out of a Shovelhead tank, then he and RC worked on getting the bike running, which has been kicking around here since the dawn of time:

Fixing a Panhead case

The previous owner of these cases was nice enough to leave a broken off tap down inside the drive side case. We were able to remove it by welding to the tap, and carefully getting the bits back out. The case will be good as new once it gets a heli-coil installed to replace the original threads.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Repairing a cracked pre-unit Triumph head

Just about every pre-unit Triumph with an alloy head will have cracks that run to the valve seats. An old-timer that I know told me "we used to run them 'till you could hear them whistling through the head bolts, then we would fix 'em". Triumph fixed this issue when they went to the 9-bolt head on the unit bikes for 1963.

Here we have a single-carb, pre-unit head that is going to get a basic valve job. While the head is off, we might as well fix the cracks. You can see each crack runing from the seat to the head bolt hole. The bottom of the head has been bead-blasted and washed to clean out the cracks:

Now we carefully, grind V-shaped notches prior to starting the welding:

Pat goes to work:

Welded up and ready for clean up and the rest of the valve job:

Here we are after grinding down the welds and truing the mating surface. Afterwards, we fit new valve guides, cut the seats, and install new valves and springs. Ready to go for another 50 years!