Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Triumph Come Home

Recently we've started attending some rallies and shows to showcase what we do. In June we went to Triumph Come Home held at the White Rose MC just outside of York PA who is famous for their hill climbing events and hill (it's a lot steeper in person than in the photos). The event was a three day ordeal of selling T-shirts riding Triumphs (some Panhead use too) on and off road and having a blast.

We were going to build a wheel while at the show, but someone forgot the hub hardware...

All of the bikes lined up, we made up signage describing the history and what we are doing to each bike.

The second row of bikes, talk about quality parking

We rode the TR6C, the '50 TR5 and my chopper to the top of the hill climb... via the access road which wasn't exactly paved.

Thanks to a late night and last minute reassembly, we had to re-time Shaggy's '58 Trophy Bird using only what we had available to us at the time so a ruler and cigarette cellophane had to do. Started right up once re-timed and the mag nut tightened down.