Saturday, August 14, 2010

Improving a factory 'custom'

mounted fender stays at an angle to match springer. fender was located to achieve this. fender was also located to allow for tire growth at mach speeds ! very important !
sidemount taillight / license bracket originally designed for rear axle mount but fender struts used up space, sooo... we filled the hole and mounted it to unused passenger peg bracket. killer. kustom. kool !
seat is in a much better location, lower and closer to tank. the provided brackets and spring posts about 3 inches higher. Yuck ! It looked like a satellite dish ! tune in tokyo! tune in tokyo !
here's the front mount,tigged and powder coated

Monday, August 9, 2010

PowderCoating my Triumph Cases

I decided that instead of having my cases burnished or polished for my TR6R chopper that I'm going to PowderCoat them. So after a few hours of taping off all of the major mating surfaces and a few test pieces to pick a color that I liked, I went with a high temp factory gray.

The taping off of the cases.

The finished color which has a cool metallic look, with the cases bolted together.

Real Quick mock up in my frame.

There will be plenty more to come...