Saturday, February 20, 2010

JaPanhead gets a tank

Lotta pics on this one....
Dennis settled on a Cole Foster tank for the project, and there has been a ton of light mods to get it mounted and right on the bike. Welded up the petcock, and tabbed it up to mount Jap style. This way, it will have no visible mounts from the outside. Decided to add a panel to the front to close up the front of the tunnel a bit. There is a lot of finish work left to do, but it looks good on the bike.

Someone froze the beer

Don't worry, Jason will save the day...can't leave beer laying around not being drunk.

Norton Commando Restoration

We had a customer bring in a REAL basketcase for restoration, and the process has now started. As you can see, the bike is completely in pieces. Haven't done much besides organizing, although Bryan is relacing wheels and Pat has started to weld up some bits that need repair. Going to be a lot of rebuilding, powder coating and whatnot on this one. More soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TECNOMAGNESIO rims on a Panhead

Betcha never thought you'd see this, right?
So Dennis bought this really rare 1986 GSX-R LE in December (look here). It came with a set of equally rare, Tecnomagesio magnesium racing rims on it that were made in Italy specfically for the Suzuki bikes. Seperately, it came with the original rims/tires, which he put back on the bike. So what to do with the rare mag rims? Why put them on JaPanhead of course! Gonna catch hell from some people for this, but they sure do look good!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Triumph 500 bobber project

This is another personal shop project, and this time it is one of mine. This is a junky old Triumph unit 500 bobber that belongs to a friend of mine. He bought it and took it apart with plans to rebuild it. I ended up taking the project over for him, and Pat and I have started to work on it. It really was a terrible custom bike, but we should be able to make something decent out of it. It has a welded on 'bolt-on' hardtail that is our first bit to fix. I need to start cutting off all of the extra stuff on the frame. The only real thing we have done is pick up this vintage oil tank, and fab up brackets to mount it right.

JaPanhead engine finished

Once step closer to Daytona ready! Dennis finished out the engine for his JaPanhead project. OEM Harley cases feature a balanced assembly, and are topped off with 1963-1965 outside oiler heads. We decided to powdercoat the rocker covers and timing cover in a satin black.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here comes JaPanhead!

Dennis' pan project is finally coming into its own. The project now has a name and a purpose - Japanhead, and it's going to make Daytona this year! What was originally going to be a traditional bobber has taken on a completely new direction and vision. Bossman is now using a custom frame, with jap parts taken from the bowels of the shop. The front end is right off of a 1999 GSXR 750, complete with clip-ons. More to come soon!

Welding makes you muy macho

Pat is manly man....

Custom Built Sportster

This is another bike that we are pretty proud of! The bike's owner came in with great idea for rebuilding his bike to make it exactly what he wanted - unique. We started by cutting and stretching the rear frame to accomodate a wide fender and tire. We manufactured the rear fender from a generic, modern chopper blank, and relaced the wheel with the widest tire/rim that could be fit in the bike. A coversion to chain drive was needed so we did that as well. The front wheel was replaced with a custom laced setup in the front. We rebuilt and modified the front end, powdercoated the lowers. The fenders were first powdercoated black, then wetsanded and shot (along with the tank) in black basecoat/clearcoat Dupont chroma series paint. Clip-ons and forward controls complete the appearance. The shining jewel is the cool, digital guage set, which we fit into the headlight shield after custom welding and machining. The last pic shows the happy owner ready to ride on home!