Sunday, December 19, 2010

Japanhead update - Chain Adjusters

The chain adjusters that we had on Japanhead were a little too traditional chopper and stuck way too far out. These are Jap dirt bike eccentrics, indexed for easy wheel alignment.
Much sleeker!

JapanHead upate - Stainless Exhaust

After setting up our chin spoiler oil bag, we decided that the exhaust needed to be routed differently, for a lot of reasons. So, we started playing with some bits of stainless pipe in different bends.
Hours and hours and hours and hours.....

Spaghetti, anyone ?

The slip fits are held together with loops of stainless and hook springs, superbike style

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

JapanHead Update - Tag Bracket

After having a temporary tag bracket for the mechanical shakedown for almost a year, it was time to work out something sleeker and permanent.

After building a tab that comes off of the axle plate we drilled it and tapped it. then we cut a bung and welded it to a piece of strap.
Dual purpose, tag bracket and chain guard!
The absolutely coolest part of this system, if traveling through certain states that may or may not have a ban on vertically mounted plates, it's a simple switch thanks to the channels we cut in the bung with the mill.

JapanHead Update - Battery Box

We wanted to put the battery box inside of the primary to keep it nice and hidden.

So, we grabbed a stainless trapezoidal rectangular prism, out of our pile of stainless trapezoidal rectangular prisms and started chopping with our new band saw (ain't it a cool bandsaw?)
Mounted some tabs with Dzuz fasteners for the cover and bracketed it to the frame.
Check out our cool stainless cover/door.
And the best part, with our tiny glass mat battery there is enough room for a shelf and a space for a tool kit or whatever else.

JapanHead update - Oil Bag

Where oh where can we put the oil bag? We didn't want to put it under the seat, because that's where it always winds up and it wasn't "race" enough for a Panhead with Tecnomagnesios.

So we started beating on some stainless and digging through some of our stock

Tack and Whack

We ended up with a rubber isolated (it's on pins in the rear) chin spoiler oil bag that's held firmly in place with a couple isolators and spring power. Super race looking, who says you can't have show AND go.

We'll have more later on about our oil fill, drain and fittings.