Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now powdercoating large items!

The oven is built! We have been powder coating in-house for a long time now, but had to send off frames, rims, etc. Now we can meet all of your cycle needs. The first big items aren't exactly bike parts, but you get the idea.

JaPanhead First Start

Overdue JaPanhead Update 3

One day before Daytona: Off the middle room lift and ready to ride.

Everybody has to take a turn sitting on JaPanhead!

Overdue JaPanhead Update 2

The final, pre-Daytona rush:

Overdue JaPanhead Update 1

So after a month it's time to get off my ass and update the progress on the bike. Daytona has come and gone, and JaPanhead made it - we just didn't get around to posting any updates. Here ya go:

Front End, milled and cleaned up with foglight for a headlight

Engine mount

Temporary oil tank to make it to Daytona