Monday, February 1, 2010

Custom Built Sportster

This is another bike that we are pretty proud of! The bike's owner came in with great idea for rebuilding his bike to make it exactly what he wanted - unique. We started by cutting and stretching the rear frame to accomodate a wide fender and tire. We manufactured the rear fender from a generic, modern chopper blank, and relaced the wheel with the widest tire/rim that could be fit in the bike. A coversion to chain drive was needed so we did that as well. The front wheel was replaced with a custom laced setup in the front. We rebuilt and modified the front end, powdercoated the lowers. The fenders were first powdercoated black, then wetsanded and shot (along with the tank) in black basecoat/clearcoat Dupont chroma series paint. Clip-ons and forward controls complete the appearance. The shining jewel is the cool, digital guage set, which we fit into the headlight shield after custom welding and machining. The last pic shows the happy owner ready to ride on home!

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